Company Secretary: Expected Salary As Fresher In India

Expected salary of a company secretary as a fresher in India

The company Secretary (CS) program is a professional course in which students learn how to deal with companies’ regulatory and legal norms. The company secretary acts as a liaison or means of contact between business and government.

In connection with the implementation of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) that companies must follow, the demand for CS in the corporate world is growing rapidly. Increasingly stringent corporate laws have allowed companies to respond to both enforcement of corporate policies and much-needed business disclosures.

CS, which acts as a liaison between companies and government regulators, maintains and controls these lines of communication.

The number of attempts a Company Secretary makes to take the exam determines the average annual salary. It is estimated that candidates who pass on the first attempt will get more than those who pass on the second or third attempt. 

Private companies pay more who pass the exam on their first attempt and earn an average salary package of up to 4.1 lacs per year. The fresher ones, who passed in the second attempt, earn an average salary of 3 to 3.5 lacs per year. While the average salary for freshers starts from around 4 lacs rupees per year, it can go up to 9 lacs rupees when a professional has 5-9 years of experience and as high as 20 lacs rupees every year for those with 20 years of experience.

Company Secretary Candidates can also find opportunities in the US, Canada, Britain, Singapore, and Dubai. There are options in many places once the candidate has completed the program.

What role does CS play?

The company secretary’s (CS) job is to advise company executives on running, managing, and organizing their business. Often referred to as corporate governance, this requires companies to comply with all legal and regulatory standards.

Annual General Meetings are held and supervised (prepare agendas, take minutes, process correspondence from meetings, etc.), during and outside of meetings, provide legal, financial, and strategic advice. Directors and members of the senior management team receive training on corporate governance issues.

After Class 12th, students who wish to become company secretaries must pass CSEET, Executive, and Professional levels. There are three stages to becoming a company secretary. The ICSI CSEET, Executive and Professional are the three levels to become CS and get certified by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). Applicants who wish to succeed in this field and any stream in grade 12th are eligible to pursue a career as a company secretary.

Who Conducts The Company Secretary Course?

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) is a government-run body that administers and manages the Company Secretary Course regulated by the Companies Secretaries Act of 1980. The ICSI is responsible for shaping and formulating professional CS policy and administrative rules.

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