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How To Make Summary Notes For CS Executive?

Students usually choose to study company secretary soon after grade 12, pass the CSEET exam and reach the executive level. However, some of them pass with many unusual subjects and curriculum required to pass the exam. It is a challenge for them to revise all and most of the subjects before the exam. To cover the curriculum, one must use one of the easiest and recommended learning strategies to create the notes. Almost everyone takes notes from online CS executive classes, but very few know an effective way to take notes.

You can make quick notes from books as well as from online CS classes. If you are taking coaching, CS aspirants should be prepared with your type, i.e., both online and offline. You need to be careful at online classes, especially asking questions to clear your doubts.

Almost all CS candidates are studying from home due to the COVID-19 outbreak, most of them from CS executive Pendrive classes. Most of the notes come from these online classes or from the book you liked best. You must choose video lectures for cs executive very cautiously. There are many authors available in the market who offer CS executive classes online. However, having the right guidance is essential for passing the CS exam. For this purpose, you should only refer to online CS classes suitable for you and help you properly clarify concepts and suit your preparation. You can visit Tushar Pahade Classes online, where we offer CS executive classes online and choose the best way to explain and teach you through various well-known authors.

After selecting the required books, now comes “THE ART OF NOTE MAKING.” Writing a quick note for a CS executive is an art. Everyone has a different way of taking notes according to their understanding.

Important points to be aware of when taking notes from CS executive classes:

1. No Notes On First Reading: The first time you read a book or watch the video lecture, sit with a pencil and calmly read the book or view the video as if you were reading a novel. Understand and highlight any key concepts you find and write them down in a small copy in pencil. Don’t write too many short notes in the first step because you need to know the video and order better. Only then will you be able to discover what is important to write about and what is not.

2. Don’t Try To Copy: When preparing for the CS Executive exam, try not to copy notes directly from the book as it will lose its essence, and you will only make photocopies of the book you are currently reading. Therefore, you cannot take notes after reading or watching executive cs lecture videos. It is important first to have a thorough understanding of the concept and then try to write it in your own words in only half of the words written in a book or online CS executive classes. This is a great way to provide excellent and accurate short notes on CS.

3. Digital Notes: Nowadays, apps like Evernote and Google Notes have made taking notes easier. You can also make notes on this platform as it is fast and very convenient to access. You can view your notes whenever you want, at breakfast, lunch, or any event. Whenever you feel like modifying it, you can have it all on your phone. Remember that taking notes on a digital platform may not be a good idea if the exam is too rigorous because pen and paper experience can be conveyed. Taking notes on paper can help you improve and practice your writing skills.

4. Use Loose Sheets: We should always remember that nothing is perfect. There is still scope for further improvement. Given the possibility that we will need new concepts or examples when preparing for the company secretary exam, we always leave room for further changes. Loose sheets are still useful when taking quick notes because you don’t have to keep the entire notebook while reviewing; only the special draft sheets you’re revising.

5. Choose What Suits Best For You: Each top or candidate you meet probably has their note-taking style. It is important to understand that you need to take notes on how you like it because you will have the tools to complete your CS examination.

6. Discipline: When making CS executive handwritten notes, follow a specific discipline and not take notes according to your comfort. Your notes should be kept neat and systematic in a notebook, organized by topic, subject, or whatever works for you. Sometimes you have a hard time taking notes. During revision, you must first search and then revise all records.

7. Read Again And Again: Taking notes isn’t just the end of the job for you. You have to read the notes for CS executive two or three times to know you understood them, memorize facts, and hit sixer on the CS examination pitch.

Before preparing for CS, it is important to remember important tips on studying CS examination and getting involved in everyday routine. Now you have seen that taking notes is a difficult task, and you have to create them. It becomes easier to read 50-page revisions than to read a 500-page book in the long run. As the saying goes, “Short-term pain gives you long-term benefits,” this is especially true when preparing for a CS examination.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavors. In Tushar Pahade Classes, we offer online CS lectures for CSEET, executive and professional for all subjects as we have famous authors that make the path to the CS exam easy and smooth. We also provide full support so that you can easily prepare for the CS exam.

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