How to pass cs in 100 days of study

100 days is a hell of a lot of time for having fun, world tour, wedding preparations but at the same time, it seems so less when it comes to CS exams. Many people had the same question today that whether these 100 days are enough to pass the CS exam?

So, my dear friends, I agree that 100 days is a short time to complete such a vast syllabus but it is not impossible if you kick start your studies right away by implementing the tips given below:-

Here are some tips on how to pass CS in 100 days of study:

  1. Positive attitude – It is one of the most significant characteristics in an exam like CS. You may construct your CS success on a foundation of confidence and positivity. You don’t have to be a super genius to pass CS; it’s just the hard work that matters.
  2. Focus – You need to have focus at this point. Focus only on your studies and leave your friends and social media aside for a few days. I am not against these things but think about the position where you’ll stand once you pass the CS exam and trust me focus is the only thing that will help you achieve heights at this time.
  3. Planning – The best strategy is to sit and make an everyday plan for your studies and most importantly implement the plan because everybody can make big plans but the implementation of that plan is something that will make you different from others in this CS journey.
  4. Study difficult chapters first – Although you need to study every subject and concept but study the difficult chapters first so that it will boost your confidence and in the end when you’ll be left with less time at that point it would not be a hectic task for you to study easy chapters.
  5. Hard work – Remember, there is no substitute for hard work and it is the only key to achieve success. Never escape from hard work as it will surely pay back and self-study is the most important thing in cracking the exams & doing it regularly will help you in achieving your goal.
  6. Strategy – Although strategy can be incorporated in the implementation of a plan, I prefer to discuss it separately here. You can’t examine finances without knowing about company law if you’re doing a strategic analysis. Accounting and taxation are inextricably linked.
  7. Consistency – Consistency is a must for better understanding and implementation of a plan. Even you work hard, plan everything and do this only for two days and then again forgetting everything will be a waste of time and effort. Therefore, maintaining consistency is the most important aspect for every CS student.

So, friends, these were few tips that will help you in achieving your CS goal in just 100 days and remember Tushar Pahade Classes is always there to help you out in case of any difficulties and we always make sure that no student is left unheard. We offer online lectures for CS Executive as we are one of the leading digital platforms for CS, CA and CMA learning.

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