Overcoming Failure in Examination

Overcoming Failure

Everyone takes the test. Exams are an important part of education and are taken by professionals such as Company Secretary, CA’s, Doctors and so on throughout their careers. One test can mean the difference between accepting an opportunity and threatening the future. Ideally, we would pass every test, but in reality, we don’t – sometimes we fail. 

Here are some tips on what to do if the test goes bad or fail in exam and on overcoming failure: 

Resist the urge to endure the pain of the exam: 

Being a student, it is crucial to meet up with fellow students after exams and think through each question. Fixing what you think you missed won’t help you after the exam. Leave. Focus on going through your day instead of guessing how unlucky you were to fail or reflecting on every possible branch of unsatisfactory test scores.

Do Something Which You Love a Lot: 

Failure can lead to frustration and an unshakable feeling that you will lose happiness forever. Remind yourself that these feelings are temporary, do activities that make you happy – this again confirms that life goes on and everything will be fine. Just a few minutes of drawing, gardening, reading, dancing or singing your favourite song can lift your spirits.

Discover Emotions: 

Exercise: A productive activity that improves mood by producing endorphins and reducing stress hormones such as cortisol. Buckle up your sneakers, turn on some upbeat music to keep you motivated, and get moving. Let go of your frustrations while you’re sweating, then give yourself a round of applause for prioritizing your health. Let movement cheer you up and get ready to take on any other challenges you face.

Spend Time with Someone Who Laughs with You:

When you allow yourself to vibrate, you allow yourself to focus on all the test errors. Counter your emotions that are related to negativity with positive ones. Approach those who love you, especially those who have the special gift of understanding how to make you laugh. Distract yourself with humour, nostalgia, and stupidity. Walk down the grassy hill or watch your favorite comedian.

Plan For the Future: 

You have to accept that you can change the past but can definitely focus on what you can control: the future. Can you reduce the damage or repeat the test? How can you study differently for your next exam? Evaluate what went wrong and plan improvements. Utilize this time as a learning opportunity and forget what could have happened. Gather your resources and breathe. This is just a test. You are not a failure.

Getting pass or fail is a part of everyone but understanding how to deal with it is what makes the impact. Tushar Pahade Classes and its faculties always stand with the aspirants and help them by guiding throughout their career in CS, CA and CMA. 

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