Scope of CS in Government Sector

CS in Government Sector

In today’s world there is a high level of competition in all fields, be it education, business or sports. People occupy their area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest and strive to get the best results so that they can rank higher than others. When it comes to public service jobs in India, the first thing that comes to mind is the high competition. Many applicants want jobs in public service, because public companies not only pay good salaries, but also offer useful additional benefits such as bonuses, vacations and post-retirement pensions. However, vacancies in public sector companies are much lower than for job seekers.

CS career in public service: Professional courses are the first choice of the maximum number of current students. Most applicants want to take professional courses such as CA (Certified Chartered Accountant) and CS (Company Secretary). Apart from that, ICWA and PO Bank exams are some of the general preferences of applicants. There are many reasons why the majority of applicants choose CA, CS, or ICWA. Some of these are that this course can be taken after successfully passing 10+2 from all recognized institutions. Applicants from all disciplines (be it science or commerce, except fine arts) can take all courses. With a focus on CS, this is a three-year full-time course divided into three sections, namely CSEET, Executive and Professional. Students can enter core courses directly after completing 10 + 2, while graduates can skip these courses and go directly to executive courses. The last course, i.e. Professional courses can only be completed by candidates who have successfully completed executive courses. Applicants who complete a part-time study program receive a certificate and a CS degree after passing certain formalities. Once a person has a degree in CS, he or she can choose a job.

CS Government Jobs Profile: The job of a company secretary is not only satisfying, but also provides other pleasures. Company secretaries are respected by everyone, receive high salaries, and when hired by a reputable company some additional services such as insurance, apartments and their own car are offered. Applicants who have completed their CS degree with excellent results will be employed in the public sector. This includes positions in institutions such as Nainital Bank, Trade Promotion Organization, Rajasthan State Seeds Corporation Limited, Bihar State Road Development Corporation Limited, and Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited. Apart from that, there are various other public sector companies that company secretaries can find work for. Indian Railways, central government, appoints several company secretaries, while state government provides job opportunities for a large number of company secretaries.

Opportunities for Company Secretary in Government Sector: Therefore, it should always be kept in mind that if you take it seriously, you have a great opportunity to work in public service during your studies. Many corporate secretaries are serious during their studies and make every effort to work for every public company today. With the Indian government sector looking to expand in the near future, there are great job opportunities for applicants who are currently opting for a corporate secretary degree.

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