Simple Tips & Tricks To Help You Prepare For CS Exams

Tips for CS Exams

Examination of Company Secretary is one of the most difficult in commerce streams and ranks second if not on par with the difficult CS exam. Strong competition means a high rejection rate, so being the best is the only mantra for success.

From setting your goals to choosing the right ICSI study materials to developing a solid strategy without losing courage, your ability to pass the Company Secretary Examination (ICSI) is based on several variables at once.

These professional tips will help you steer your CS preparation in the right direction and pass the Company Secretary exam (ICSI):

1. Understand the exam model and syllabus: 

The first step in preparing for an exam is to familiarize yourself with what you will be doing.

So start by understanding what subjects to prepare for, understanding the Company Secretary curriculum and the exam models you need to master for each subject.  

2. Develop a strategy: 

Based on this information, you will need to develop a strategy for your preparation. Estimate how long it will take you to study and review the entire curriculum.

Then go into the specifics of each topic to understand its strengths and weaknesses. Of course, you’ll need to spend more time in weaker areas to get them to your destination while building up your strengths.

It requires careful and systematic time for each subject/topic so that nothing is missed at the last minute.

3. Extract your ICSI training materials properly:

As with competitive exams, especially the CS exam, there is a sea of ​​CS books, e-books, sample documents, test tests and other materials to help you prepare for the CS exam.

However, learning from or referencing redundant material can do more harm than good, and leave you frustrated with the feeling that you will not be making progress with an already extensive curriculum.

Choose your ICSI study materials wisely and choose a bestselling book written concisely and competitively.

4. Stick to your plan: 

In developing a training plan or preparation strategy for passing the Company Secretary Examination (ICSI), most of us tend to take an idealistic approach and end up setting unjustifiably ambitious standards of what we can achieve.

You will need to review your strategy in a few days and scale back a little if necessary. When you’re done, make it a goal to stick to your plan each day so it will pay off in the long run.

Losing valuable study time because you’re too lazy to get out of bed or spend time with friends isn’t over.

5. Write and revise: 

Do not wait to complete the entire curriculum before starting any revision. Repeat everything you learned during the week over the weekend to improve your memory skills.

As you approach the end of your curriculum, you should include writing exercises in the review process. There is no point in knowing the subject matter thoroughly if you can present it properly on the day of the exam.

Write at least one exam paper for each subject each week as you review and try them out to perfect your test readiness and help you pass the ICSI exam.

6. Do the final task with the right mind: 

Pressure tends to build up as the exam date approaches, leading to a lot of stress, fear, and uncertainty.

At this point, belief in your will is the only thing that will guide you.

Take the final brunt of the exam with the same zeal and determination as you began to prepare for it. 

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