Tips to Clear Advanced Tax Laws

Tips for Advanced Tax Laws

There are nine papers CS aspirants must pass for cracking the CS Professional Program. Paper 2, which is part of Module 1, covers the broad topic of CS Professional Advanced Tax laws, covering both direct and indirect taxes. In this article, we’ve covered preparation tips for advanced tax law from CS professionals.

CS Professional advanced tax law overview:

This topic is divided into two parts –

  • GST law (60 marks)
  • Custom Laws (10 points)

Part II weighs 30 marks and deals with direct & international taxes.

Importance of advanced tax law for CS as a profession:

• The skills of the company secretary in the GST field are not limited. It is important to have more competent and qualified professionals to make it easier for regulators to ensure effective compliance with GST. Company secretaries are experts in legal interpretation and have the necessary skills to deal with GST compliance. CS can participate in several important GST roles: as a GST specialist, GST consultant, and others.

• Company Secretary also plays an important role in direct taxation, where they can assist in solving various challenges, such as:


Part I: Acquisition of specialized knowledge, interpretive skills and practical application in customs law and GST

Part II: Acquire expertise in the practical application of corporate taxation, including international taxation.

Professional tax law from CS Professional: 

Preparing advance tax laws requires patience, focus, discipline, and clarity. It is impossible to study all the provisions of the tax program as a whole. A strategic approach needs to be developed for easy paper preparation. Some of the possibilities and matters relating to this are detailed here.


• Think quality over quantity. Focus on the quality of your workout.

• Quote sections if necessary and only if you are sure.

• Set small goals and achieve them over time, rather than rushing to solve big problems.

• Solving past courses and practical questions are mandatory.

• Start with GST, then move on to Part II and finish with customs.

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